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Reader Feedback

"Kenney Sillsrn6437 Kawaihau rdrnKapaa,HI-96746rnrnlove&heart to you my brodda~"
- Kenney Sills
"Holy crap! I used to work as a personal trainer and I gotta say, this book is not only an easy read and funny as hell it is right on the money. No joke. Max tells it all just as it is, from the backstabbing bosses to the horny housewives to the greedy sales reps who will rob you (and each other) blind whenever they get the chance. You have no idea what goes on when nobody is looking in these gyms, but when you read this book you will find out. Finally someone has the guts to write about it!"
- Denis
"Wow – if you don’t feel dirty after reading this book, there’s probably something wrong with you. Max lifts the used towels off the locker room floor and shines a light on what’s crawling underneath. Funny, real, and filled with tidbits of helpful information – once you read this, you may never look at your gym the same. Not for the faint of heart, but thoroughly enjoyable."
- GrayWolf