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by Max Hawthorne
October 4, 2013

There are the sadistic personal trainers, who seem to enjoy your physical pain a bit too much. There are the slimy sales reps, who forever dream up new ways to strong-arm your paycheck from you. And there are the locker room Lotharios, who bed as many women as they can do pushups. A body with abs of steel is just one of the things you can get at a health club; some of the other things may not be as desirable. Ask Max Hawthorne, an industry veteran of more than twenty years, with countless experiences on the seamy side of the steam room, where sex, steroids, and membership cons pile up like used gym towels.

Memoirs of a Gym Rat is his jaw-dropping exposé of the outrageous, tawdry, and despicable cast of characters that gravitate to the workout room. A hilarious survival guide for the fitness-minded, this salacious tell-all shares a collection of anecdotes surrounding the appalling behind-the-scenes shenanigans that occur in health clubs, both during and after business hours. From the endless sexcapades, to the unsavory tactics designed to ensure your health club contract lives longer than you do, Memoirs of a Gym Rat  also serves up plenty of sound advice on navigating this pervasive culture, so that you can enjoy getting ripped – without getting ripped off.

From one shocking encounter to the next, Hawthorne paints a lurid, sweaty world rife with casual romps on the exercise floor, and anabolic steroids on overload in the locker room. Find out all about the sex, drugs, and barbell curls that are on fitness regimens in this rare look at the scandalous culture that runs rampant in health clubs. With raw honesty and twisted wit, Hawthorne bares all the dirty little secrets that will leave you spent from laughter, while helping you keep your fitness goals (and sanity) on track.