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Is my book really signed by Max Hawthorne?

Absolutely. Every part of the personalization and signature is individually done by Max. He does NOT use a stamp. He hand writes everything.

Why does it say ‘supplies are limited’?

There are a limited number of books available for signature. Once all of the books allotted have been sold, that portion of the Signing is over and you will not have another opportunity to order a signed copy of the book. Put simply: once all copies are gone, that’s it.

What can I ask Max to write inside my book?

He will write your first name only. Similarly, if you purchase books for multiple people, he will sign their first names only. Please do not use a fake name. Due to the volume of orders, we strive to keep things simple. Max will write your name (or whoever you want the book inscribed to), a brief message of his own devising, and his signature.

** The author will not inscribe books to or from any character in his book,
other books, films, TV, or mythology. **

How do I let Max know who I want the book inscribed to?

During ordering, there will be a box where you will enter who you would like your book inscribed to. It is on the payment page. Please put the person’s name you wish Max to sign the book to. For example: "Please sign to Maurice" or just "Maurice." If you do not wish to have the book personalized, please indicate you want an autograph only. If this box is left blank, the book will be sent out as a Signature Only.

** Offensive or inappropriate requests are not acceptable. Such requests will
also be sent back as a Signature Only. **

I already have a copy of the book that I would like signed. Can I ship it to you to get it signed?

We’re sorry, but no. You must purchase the book through this website in order to get it signed. Other than unsolicited manuscripts (which are shredded without being read), whatever you send to us, we discard.

I just ordered a copy of the book from Amazon. Will it come signed?

No, we are not associated with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other online bookstore. If you purchased your book somewhere else and prefer a signed copy, you need to cancel your order and reorder your book through us. Obviously, you can also choose to keep your original (unsigned) purchase and order a second (signed) copy through this site.

I missed out on a signing. Will there be another one?

It depends on how many unsigned copies remain. Your best bet is to sign up for Max’s newsletter or “like” him on Facebook to keep up to date on any Signings he does.


I forgot to fill out the personalization box . . . what can I do?

Please email us ASAP at to revise your order. We will do our best to make sure your request is added to your order. However, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THIS! If you fail to contact us your book will be signed by the author, but it will have no inscription, just his signature

Can I make changes to my shipping address after I’ve placed my order?

Yes. If the Signing is still open you can e-mail us at We will cancel your order and you may replace it with the updated information at no additional cost. We are not able to make changes to orders placed a week or less prior to shipping. Please make sure your shipping address is correct when ordering. If you are relocating during shipping we recommend having the book mailed to someone authorized to hold it for you.

Can I email you to change my quantity ordered?

No. We cannot make changes of this kind to orders. However, once again, you can email us to cancel your initial order. Once that is done, you can place a new order with the updated information as long as the Signing is still open.

Returns and Damaged Books

You have 30 days from our shipping date to inform us of any printing, binding, and/or inscription errors.

Printing Errors: Misprinted pages, missing pages, repeated pages, upside-down pages, and ink issues/malfunctions. We usually catch these, but occasionally pages DO slip by.

Binding Damage: Binding of book is loose or split; pages are detached/falling out.

Inscription Mistakes: Signature is missing, names are misspelled. (A “missing” custom message does NOT constitute an inscription error. If you request something specific written it will automatically be denied).

These are the only reasons we issue refunds or replace books.

I got my book, but it arrived damaged! How can you help me?

You will have to email us a high-resolution photo of the damaged packaging and book. Send the photo to, along with a scanned copy of the invoice. We will review and follow up with you once things have been resolved with the USPS (this takes some time, so please be patient). Accidents with sorting machines and/or on mail trucks are rare, but unfortunately they do happen. They are obviously unintentional and heartbreaking (nobody likes to see a book destroyed). If we have any books still available we will try to replace your copy, but it may just be signed without a personalization. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What if the USPS sends my book back to you marked “undeliverable”?

We will not know there was a problem with your shipment until your book is returned to us, stamped “undeliverable.” We will email you. If your book is returned and it is not due to an in-house error on our part, you are responsible for the cost of reshipping your book.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept PayPal. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email receipt from PayPal. If you do not receive an email receipt, your payment did not go through and your order was not processed. It is your responsibility to confirm that your payment went through.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I use my credit card?

Absolutely. You don't have to have a PayPal account in order to use PayPal. Just choose the “pay with your credit card or debit card” option on the PayPal screen after you hit the payment button on our website (located beneath the PayPal log-in box). It allows you to enter your personal info and credit card number without the necessity of having a PayPal account.

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